YAFU  v.1.34

YAFU or Yet Another Factoring Utility is an interactive Command Line instrument for integer factorization.

Qsortw File Sort Utility

Stand-Alone File Sort Utility for Windows95/98/ME/2000/XP. Sorts combinations of character, integer & floating point data types. Saves & manages sort parameters for multiple files. This program is NOT for the novice. Perhaps, a fun toy for computer



ExS is a simple, yet powerful scientific calculator. It can do basic math and solve complex math expressions. It supports the standard math and advanced functions like sin, cos, tan, absolute value, logarithms, percentages, currency, integer division,

MSU FRC AviSynth filter

The filter is intended for video frame rate up-conversion. It increases the frame rate integer times. It allows, for example, to convert a video with 15 fps into a video with 30 fps.


This Program always check your processor integrity. One or 2... 4... up to 128 processors!!! If one or more of your processors have troubles with Integer and/or Floating Point operations Fisherman find it, log it, say you about it BEFORE your system will

GLPK Lab  v.4.44.1

GLPK Lab is a set of software tools and libraries based on the GLPK package and intended for solving large-scale linear programming (LP), mixed integer programming (MIP), and other related problems.

Abctool  v.

Abctool is a simple freeware for converting 8-bit to 1024-bit integer between bases 2 through 36.

QSopt  v.

The main purpose of the QSopt linear programming solver is to provide a callable function library for use within applications such as the traveling salesman problem or mixed-integer programming.

Arithmetic Trainer  v.1.0

Training program for pre-school kids and primary school children for practicing the first rules of arithmetic with integer numbers.

Z3-2.6  v.2 6

Z3 is a high-performance theorem prover being developed at Microsoft Research. Z3 supports linear real and integer arithmetic, fixed-size bit-vectors, extensional arrays, uninterpreted functions, and quantifiers.

Konesans Data Generator Source  v.

This component may need a little explanation. It generates random integer (DT_I4) and string (DT_WSTR) data and places them in the pipeline. You can specify the column count for each type of column which defines the output.

CFList  v.1.0

Free tool provides list of formats currently available on the Windows clipboard. Gives the integer value to identify each format.

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